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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Dec 30, 2018

Later on there is a song by Terry and Diane McCabe that is fine tribute to Mother Theresa. Thus the subtitle. I led this show off with a tune by Three Pill Morning called, "I Want That for You". Get you some more Morning here.

Then I laid in a snippet of a "Funky Christmas" by Katdelic. If you want some more Katdelic,...

Dec 23, 2018

Why the Serious Heavies Edition?

Leading off the Show, I found a Download by Umphreys McGee. Every hear of them? Just one of the most successful Jam Bands since the Grateful Dead. The name of the Track is "Power of Soul". Find more of the Umphreys here.

Then a seriously old school Rock and Roller who been making...

Dec 16, 2018

What's a Black Bone Snake? It's a Track that I played on this Show by the Doug Prescott Band. But, before we get to that Track, I played Dana Fuchs. She is doing her Track called "Golden Eyes" Find out more about Ms. Fuchs here.

Next up, we have Sofia Barta doing her Track called, "Play it Cool". Want some more of...

Dec 9, 2018

As always, I am looking for new Artists and Emerging Artists who are creating music that I enjoy hearing. I know there are other ways to find music. But hopefully, you will show some of the Artists who I play here some love.

First track, "Face the Music" by a band that I really enjoy. Rough Grind. Check them out here...

Dec 2, 2018

There really is not a lot of Holiday Music here. And there is not some long Sermon about the meaning of the Season. Just good music and my opinion to wrap up the Show this week.

So click to listen or download it for later and discover some music you may have never heard before. But I certainly hope you will enjoy. And...