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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

May 16, 2018

And with this episode I made the transition to all read in segments. I personally think this is the best episode yet. I also found some great Local Recording Artists to play too. Let's get into it.

Click Play and read on to find out more about the Artists on today's show.

I kicked off this week's Show with a Duo I found over on Reverbnation called Vox Eagle. They are doing a song called "No Sleep". Here is a little more about where to find more of their work so you can follow them, like them, and or buy some of their work:

Then, I hope you are listening to some local Artists who go by the name of Mettal Mafia doing a great remix of "Centuries" I love this Track. What do you think? And BTW, here is some more about the Mettal Mafia:

And another Local Producer/Artist is up next with "Wake Up/Is Gettin Heavy In Here." The name of the Artist is Darnesha Allen out of Youngstown: Check her out here:

Please support or volunteer with Meals on Wheels. 3058927_MOW_America_RGB_border Next up is Leah Capelle with a song called "Out Now". Here is some more about Leah and her work:vi2Jx59e_400x400

Then I played a cool track from some more Local Artists. Terry and Diane McCabe with a song called "Not Religious" I totally relate to this track and hopefully you enjoyed it too. Here is some more places to appreciate Terry and Diane McCabe:

The Last track on this week's Episode is actually a Re-Release from a 1999 CD by an Artist who goes by the name of Tergel.

I played this track because I love the interplay between the guitar and the vocals. Give it a listen and let me know what you think: And in the meantime, here is where you can pick up the whole CD by Tergel: Tergel on Amazon.