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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Oct 13, 2018

This Show is all about the wonderful things that happen when a band jams together live. The chemistry, the improvisation, and the audience energy.

The first track is by a band that calls themselves, The Flying Arizas featuring Benoir. The Track is called, "Eflatino". I am guessing because it is written in the key of E Flat if there is such a thing. I flunked out of Music Theory Class so I am not sure. But I know I like the Track. Here is more about Benoir.

Then we have Steve Kirchuk doing his Track called, "Just Getting Started" Find more of Steve's Music here.

Next up, Heith Gruner doing his wonderful Holiday Track called, "Soldiers Coming Home". Want more of Heith, go here.

Then we had a Double Shot of Justin 3 doing, "Lost" and "Jealous Yet".

Find more of Justin 3 right here.

Last but not least on this week's Show, we have a band called 4040 doing a Track called the "The Watermelon Song" Here is more information about 4040.

Remember to tune in to Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting to hear the Show first. It airs at 7PM Eastern Time on Sunday and Wednesday.