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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Dec 30, 2018

Later on there is a song by Terry and Diane McCabe that is fine tribute to Mother Theresa. Thus the subtitle. I led this show off with a tune by Three Pill Morning called, "I Want That for You". Get you some more Morning here.

Then I laid in a snippet of a "Funky Christmas" by Katdelic. If you want some more Katdelic, head on over here.

Next up a Track by Blue Turner called "Guitar Star" And I think you can agree with me. This guy shreds that axe. Find some more of Blue Turner's work here.

Then an encouraging Track called "Get Up, Get Higher" The Artist is Thorbjorn Risager. Find more of Thorbjorn's work here.

St. Jude Research Hospital

Terry and Diane McCabe sent over a wonderful Tribute Track to Mother Teresa. And that is the name of the next Track. Here is more about Terry and Diane.

Next up a Track by a Group called Fake Flowers, Real Dirt. Their Track is called, "Together Now" Here is more of the Real Dirt.

To wrap the Show, I found a project by a bunch of Veteran Rockers called Blak Snak. Their track "A Heartfelt Charade" caught my ear, so I shared it with you. For now, this is the only place I know of on the internet where it can be heard. So, I hope you liked it.

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