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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Nov 4, 2018

"Stormy Monday Live" by Laura Cheadle and her band leads off this Episode. That is why I called it the Stormy Monday Episode. No other reason, really. Find Laura On the Internet here. 

Next up we have Dan Pitchard doing a Track called "One Foot Out the Door". Here is more music from Dan and the Band. 

Next up is the Track "Last Ten Days" by the Bill Miller Band. Want some more of Bill Miller and the band? Head on over here.

"Dead Man Walking" is the name of the next Track. Served up perfectly by the Red White and Blues Band. Find more of their music here.

Next up is the Reverend Raven and the Chainsmoking Altar Boys featuring Westside Andy doing their Track, "Looking For Love". Want some more of the Reverend? Head on over here.

I wrapped this Show with Racing the Sun doing their Track called "Rainwash". Want more of Racing the Sun? Check them out here.

Thanks for Listening to this week's Show. As always, you can hear a new Episode on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting every Sunday Night at 7PM Eastern Time.

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