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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Nov 10, 2018

Crank this up! You are going to love it. Kicking off the Show this week, we have Downtown Mystic doing "Turn Around and Go". Speaking to the idea that sometimes it is not that easy to walk away. Want more Downtown Mystic? Go here.

Next up, Essie doing a Track called, "Not Easy". Get you some more of this firebrand right here.

Then my friend Dav and the Black Train 27 letting his latest love know that he had that Harley long before she came along. Track is called, "I Had My Harley Before I Had You". Get you some more of Black Train 27 right here.

Next up is a Track by Kris James called, "Anymore". Want more of Kris? Head on over here. 

Then we had Fairy Bones. Well, I have regular bones, but the Fairy Bones apparently know how to lay down a jam. The Track on this week's Show is called, "Waiting". Get you some of them Fairy Bones right here.

Then the name sake for this Edition of the Show. Franki Love doing here new Track called, "Walking Wounded". Get a few more of her wonderful tracks here for a limited time, 3 free downloads.

Maikal X has the next Track on this Show. It is called, "Push Along". Cause sometimes you got to just keep pushing on, no matter how hard it seems. Get you some more of Maikal here. 

Last but not least, a nice young local woman who is dreamin of a boy in Florida. With a Track called, "Florida" Ms. Melanie May. Want some more of Melanie's music? Please go here.

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Listen in to the brand new Episodes on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting every Sunday at 7PM. I know it is up against America's Funniest Videos, but you will still be able to catch the last half of that Show and the Simpsons or Sunday Night Football or what have you.