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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Dec 9, 2018

As always, I am looking for new Artists and Emerging Artists who are creating music that I enjoy hearing. I know there are other ways to find music. But hopefully, you will show some of the Artists who I play here some love.

First track, "Face the Music" by a band that I really enjoy. Rough Grind. Check them out here and show them some love.

The next Track is from a band called Indigo Young. It is called "Magazine". Get the Track here.

Then an Artist who I have played before on the Show. Downtown Mystic with his Track, "Think a Little Louder" Find some more of the Mystic here.

Then an International Artist with a unique sound and some interesting ideas on music. Simeon Kirkegaard featuring Tonye doing "Dead Drop Love". Check out more of Simeon's work here.

Next up on the Show, Cassidy Bisher doing his Track called, "Soldier". Check out the Video here.

Or find some more of Cassidy on the Internet here.

Then a Rocker from well across the Pond. Demir Demirkan jamming out with "Freedom". More about Demir here.

Then I wrapped this Show with some commentary from "Finding Butterflies" about their Track "The Train". And the Track itself.

Finding more butterflies here.

Check in every week at 7PM on Sunday at Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting for a new Show. And if you like the Show come by the Facebook Page and comment or share. Thanks for listening.