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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Dec 16, 2018

What's a Black Bone Snake? It's a Track that I played on this Show by the Doug Prescott Band. But, before we get to that Track, I played Dana Fuchs. She is doing her Track called "Golden Eyes" Find out more about Ms. Fuchs here.

Next up, we have Sofia Barta doing her Track called, "Play it Cool". Want some more of Sofia? Go here.

Now the Track "Black Bone Snake" Want some more of the Doug Prescott Band? Please go here.


Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting

Next up a Track by a band called Colorfair. The Track is "Ghosts". Want more of the Colorfair? Go here.

Then a Track I really enjoyed. "Bronco" by Bear Kincaid. Get more of Bear Kincaid here.

Then we have a Track by the Second Rate Kings. The Track is called, "Over The Edge" Here is more about the Second Rate Kings.

Wrapping the Show we have Rich Harper doing a Track called "Onward (Imagine That)" Get you some more of Rich here.