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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Jan 6, 2019

I was able to find a new Track by someone with so much experience in the Music Industry, I think he may actually been singing and playing when I was born. Boz Scaggs. He released some new work, with the Track here called "Rock and Stick" not too long ago. I just love his voice. And he really cuts loose here. Find more about Boz here.

Next Track up is by a band calling themselves, Spanish Love Songs. The name of their Album, "Giant Sings the Blues" released in 2015 inspired the name of this Episode. The Track is called, "Friends" Check them out here.

Then I found this highly creative Singer Songwriter who goes by the name of Caroline Rose. I played two of her Tracks right in a row. "Money" and then "Getting To Me". Find more of Caroline Rose here.

Nest Track up, "Change". The Artist is Sarah Petrella. Find more of Sarah's work here.

Next up, a Track by another very seasoned group of Performers out of Cincy. Blessid Union of Souls. The Track is called, "Hold On". Want some more of Blessid Union? Go here.

Got some Ruby Boots? I found some. And the Track is called, "Its So Cruel". Find some more of Ruby here.

To wrap up the Show this week, I had Dana Fuchs doing a Track called, "Faster than We Can". Get you some more of Dana here.

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