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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Feb 9, 2019

Sometimes, you got to pivot. Just turn slightly to the left or the right to get the results you want. This Episode represents a pivot. Not a divot. Although I enjoy golfing, this was not produced on the Golf Course.

As much as I enjoyed curating emerging and independent Recording Artists, it seems that there are other places that do this too. Who'd a thunk it?

I realized that something wonderful happens when people combine music and comedy. I laugh. And I need to laugh. My life is a like the leftovers of Vesuvius. And I and many other people need to laugh a little more in this rather backwards and dark world.

So enjoy these tracks that made me laugh. And share them with your friends so they can laugh a little too. Our first Track is done by New Waver called "I got you, babe" You may recognize the melody, but you aint never heard lyrics like these.

Next up the Propaganda Boys doing their Track called, "I Am Saving Myself for Marriage". Coincidentally, so am I. So save yourself the trouble of trying! :)

Next up, Bandrew doing "Turn on the Lights". If you decide not to save yourself for marriage, this Track is giving some good advice. To sum it up, if you don't want to look at it, you probably shouldn't be doing it.

Then Plushgaloosh with the jingle from one of our sponsors, Coffizo and their salute to everyone who ever tried to give me advice. "The Man Who Nobody Listened To".

As a public service, the Make A Wish foundation reminds you that you can donate your Airline Miles to make the dreams of young afflicted  people come true. Please consider supporting Make a Wish.

"Dewey's Ditty" tells the brief musical tail of love gone bad. Not that love goes bad, but in this case it seems to have turned out to be lust. And tiresome. The Track is performed by JB Skelton.

Next up a tribute the age old art of eating boogers. And make no mistake it requires commitment and passion to eat boogers. In this Track by the Dancin Grandpas and Bourbon Gurus, we hear of the many different ways a person can eat their boogers. Do I recommend you try as many as possible? Absolutely, few pleasures are as inexpensive and satisfying as fishing a nice crunchy and juicy booger out of your nose. The Track is called "Boogey Pot Pie".

Then The Trout Society discussed the many joys of finding a new job. Listen in to the "Job Shoppers Rap" to get some pointers on answering those annoying interview questions.

Hopefully, you are still laughing. Because this next Track by Mind Map That seriously wants to know, "How DO Lesbians Have Sex"? The world may never know!

Finally we rap the Show with Morgan Grieg. He "Bound to Join the Nazarene". And with good reason. There is no other way to be saved.

Hopefully, you can enjoy this pivot. And come by Facebook at Good Underground Radio to give me a like. Or suggest some Tracks. Or just share something funny. 


Curated and Mastered by DL Stickler and the Mahoning Valley Podcast