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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

May 30, 2018

I transitioned to all read in segments so that I can be more spontaneous. Again, I want to thank Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting for airing this Show every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evenings at 7PM Eastern Time.

Maybe you noticed that there is music playing underneath my Read In Segments. For instance, during the intro to the show this week, The David G Ward Project's Track "Sunrise" is playing.

David G Ward is a local here in the Mahoning Valley and here are some more places you can find his work:

The First Track we are listening to is called "Let Not Your Heart be Troubled" performed by a Band I found over on called "The Catching Z's Band" Here you can find out more about this good news preaching band:

Next up, I played the Metal Maffia's Remix of the Track, "Centuries" I have profiled this band on a previous Episode. If you would like to see more about them, please go here. Then I got a new song from Malcom Lane called "Carry On. You can find more about Malcom in these fine places...

Please support St Jude Research Hospital where there is never a charge for treatment.

While I was reading in the song announcements so you would know who you were listening to, I was playing a piece by Victor Samalot that I love called "Esperanza" Here is some more about where to learn about Victor, who by the way, is based in Cleveland.

Right after the song announcements was one of my favorite Artists who I have played numerous times before: Sarantos with "Why Ask Why"

Then I hope you will welcome a newcomer to the Show called Abraham's Child doing a song called ironically "Hope".

Here is some more about Abraham's Child: Abrahams Child on the Internet.

Then to wrap the show this week, I played "Peter Pan" by some more locals. Northern Whale. Check them out here.

And while I was completing the show with song announcements and a message from, we were listening to Hazy Davey doing, "Too Little Too Late"

Remember when you are planning your Summer parties and outings, that if you want to get a little loose, please don't Drive Impaired or Distracted. Instead, hire a Designated Driver from We have the Drivers, you have the fun. Please let me know what you think about the Show.