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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Jun 13, 2018

I found a band of goons from Schnecksville PA who were recording and performing Grunge Rock long before anyone in Seattle. According to the Big Runts Manager,

"The BIG runts are a "pre-grunge" band of goons from a hollar in the Lehigh Valley of Eastern Pennsylvania. After growing-up on Johnny Cash and Black Sabbath, then discovering punk rock, they bought some gear out of the nickel-ads and commenced to composing what would become known as grunge music, in a shed on the outskirts of Schnecksville.

When they were children, if we didn't park our bikes neatly in the garage or left the football in the yard, their mother would say "you boys need to put this stuff away, I don't want my yard looking like Dog Patch USA". So they wrote the first song in the Show called "Dog Patch USA"

Let's find out more about the rest of the Artists who we are listening to on today's Show. 1929060_61938246815_3081897_n Terry and Diane McCabe did "Snow Mountain" after the Big Runts. The McCabes are local to the Mahoning Valley here in NE Ohio. Head on over to their Page on Reverbnation and find out when they will be playing out again. Or find them on Facebook and give them a like.

Next up we have Henry Metal doing "Baby". Kind of a sad song about losing someone you love before you expect. But some great guitar work, I thought. So I played it. Here is more about Henry Metal. Henry Metal on Google.

Then we took a little break from the Music to give Meals on Wheels a plug. I like this Public Service Announcement mainly because of the Voice Over by Mario Andretti. But also because it is a good cause and if you can, get in touch with them and do lunch.

Back to the Music, we have Waylon doing. "Outlaw in Em" Want to find some more Waylon? Go here and find out all about him. Funny thing is, he is from the Netherlands. That just goes to show that music is a Universal Language.

lachlan_horne_thumb_940x600 Then I played a song from Lachlan Horne called "Higher. Lachlan first picked up the guitar at the age of fourteen. Primarily self taught though he has studied under distinguished guitarists such as Alan Limbrick, John Etheridge and Shaun Baxter when he attended The Guitar Institute in London.

After a few years of diligent music study and a lifestyle centred around intensive guitar practice he established himself as a professional musician and has since performed in numerous successful bands both in the UK and Australia where he worked as a member of the rock band Club Crunch. He has been fortunate to have worked with a variety of talented musicians, most notably drummer Darrin Mooney of Primal Scream and Gary Moore fame. Darrin plays drums on both Lachlan's albums.

To wrap this week's Show I played someone who reached out to me on Facebook. Her name is Dena Hopper and she sent over a nice song she wrote called "Keeps Me Sane". Check her out on Reverbnation. Or on Twitter.

Then because I believe in responsible fun, I did a read in for A Local company that screens and provides Designated Drivers. If you plan on getting a little loose this Summer or anytime, check them out. And if you listen to this Podcast/Show, you know that I am also a big supporter of the World Wildlife Fund.

There are some songs that people send me that are worthy of listening to in my opinion. And even paying for. So I started doing Mixtapes and selling them on Bandcamp. All proceeds are shared with the Artists who appear on the Mixes. So head on over there and download a Mix and know you are supporting the Artists you are listening to.

You can also support this Show and the Artists on Patreon. And as always, if you have feedback or want to suggest an Artist; please reach out. Have a great week.