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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Jun 27, 2018

This week I decided to just do music straight through the whole show. I lined up a lot of good stuff this week.

This first Artist is called DeLozier. I found him over on Reverbnation. The Track is called "A Dance in the Rain" Why not go over to Facebook by clicking the link with his name on it and showing some love. Coincidentally, it was raining while I was producing this Episode.

Next up, we have Ronald Humphrey doing a Track called "Crushed". I know the feeling all too well. Find more about Ronald Humphrey here.

Then the New Track by Finding Butterflies is called "We'll Remember". Find more of FB here.

Next up, Kid Kool and Gundog with a Track called "Hypodermic Needle" Check them out on Reverbnation

Next up, The Judes with "Generation Who". Find out more about them here.

Then to wrap this week's show we have Terry and Diane McCabe's Track called "Snow Mountain". More information about the McCabes here.

So far, there have been no winners from last week's Show. So if you want a free plug on the Show, visit here to find out more. Have a great week.

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