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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Aug 15, 2018

It's time to hear some great music. So click play and get it. Then read on and go show these Artists some love.

Every hear of Captain Midnight Band? Well you are hearing it now. Want to hear more? Go here and choose your music Service.

Next up a nice young lady who calls herself St. Graye. Doing a Track called "Don't Walk Away from Me". Why not go by Facebook and show her some love?

Then I found this guy climbing the Charts on Reverbnation. Mr. John Clarke doing a Track simply called "Moon". Check out his new website here.

Be the Voice for those who cannot speak for themselves. Join WWF in it's quest to preserve our natural ecosystems throughout the world.

Then I found this seriously seasoned and well rounded supergroup called Black Train 27. You have to check out more about this band and enjoy this Track called "Sad Man Rocking". Find more about Black Train 27 here.

Next up a new Artist who call themselves, Nice Cut doing "Light Years Apart". Find more Nice Cut here.

Finally today, we had Vernon Neilly, another seasoned performer with a group of friends doing "Outa Time". Want some more Vernon? Go here and check out the rest of his recently released Album.

Comments or Feedback? Please share your thoughts. Thanks for listening and liking the Show.