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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Jul 11, 2018

Another Show that is mostly all music. In fact, I don't even think I added a Public Service Announcement to this Episode. Why? You may ask. Even if you don't ask, I will tell you. Because, I was actually on vacation when this first ran on Western Reserve Digital Radio.

I produced it ahead of time so I could take a few days off and go to the mountains. BTW, if you want to be the first to hear the new Episodes, you can tune in at 7PM Eastern Time every Sunday.

But, let's get to this episode. First off, an Artist who reached out to me on Reverbnation. Karen Lee Andrews doing a track called "Higher" More about Karen here.

Next up a Group who I also found over on Reverbnation. Shades of August. Doing a Track called "Scarecrow". Want more Shades of August? Head on over here.

By now, if you follow the Show; you know I find a lot of music on Reverbnation. Going forward on this Episode, unless I state otherwise; you can just assume I found the Artist or Group on Reverbnation.

Next Up, The Innoculated Canaries doing "Count Me Out" More about them here.

Then I played a song I have played before on at least one previous Show. Just because I love this band and wanted to remind my listeners how cool they are. I played "You Threw Me Out" by Muzak. If you are into orchestrated pop rock, you just have to check this band out.

Chris Eves and the New Normal are next up today. The name of the Track is "Green and Blue". Check them out here.

Then a band called "The Gamble" doing a track called "Shine". Find out more about them here.

Last Track today is called "Crash and Burn" by a Band called Forty Feet Tall. Want some more of the very tall band? Check them out here.

Under the closing announcements, I played one of the first Artists who was kind enough to let me play their music. Darryl Jackson doing an original composition called "City of Gravity" Want to hear more from Darryl Jackson? Then go here.

As always, if you have any ideas about how I may improve the Show or know an Artist who would like me to play their music; please reach out.

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