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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Apr 25, 2018

Back to the music. I have been working on getting as much music into the 28 minute Episode length as possible. The time slot over on Western Reserve Digital Radio is 28 minutes long. As a reminder this show airs every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 7PM Eastern.

And can always be found for download at I also opened a LibSyn account for those of you who prefer to download from there. Or just click it here and give it a listen while you read more about the Artists featured this week.

We started off with an instrumental from a guy I found over on Hazy Davey. I love the way this guys builds a piece and slings that Axe. What do you think? Can this guy play or what? This tune is called "Don't Go Out with the Bad Guys". Good advice and a cool piece too.

I went straight to a fellow by the name of Malak NJ. He is testifying. With a Song called "Testify". 797ed5077436dc8abaec64750e2c3d3dMalak J-N ( pronounce Malak Jay N) is an inspirational hip hop artist, singer, and producer who founded Noel Music Group. He believes that music should be inspirational and empowering. Thus, the embodiment of his music speaks to those who have been rejected and misunderstood. As a result, his debut single " They Don't Understand" speaks to those who have been turn down and ostracized.

Then I also head this guy on and thought, that is a unique song and world view. Very similar to my own in many ways. He named his musical persona after Dennis the Menace. But he just goes by the name Dennis. He is doing a tune called "Pack Your Bags and Run". He also does some Artwork to go along with his music and has a new release coming out called "Delusional Facade". Here is the Graphic he came up for it. Delusional Facade Cover And if you want to hear more or follow him:

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Back to the music. Next up I found this tune on and it is by Dave Kowaleski. It is called, "KC Under the Moon". Here is some more places to find Dave's music:

Then I also found this new release from Shaggy featuring PitBull. It is called "Only Love". And seriously, I love these sort of hybrid hip-hop, world music, pop music mashups where you get some intelligible rap, and some melody and harmony. If you just need you some more Shaggy:

Next up a beautiful young lady who performs under the name "Franka" from Croatia doing a song called "Crazy". 662533dfgjhHere is a little more about her from Wikipedia. And more places to find her music:

Finally today, we had Mike Andersen featuring Joss Stone with a song I played last week too. "This Time". Ironically, the main reason this tune went into the Show again; besides the fact that I like it, is that it fit perfectly into the time left for the Show. So that is it for this week. Coming up on the next episode, I have a local duet who goes by the name Dat Dem Guitars.

At least that is what I am thinking she said they call themselves in. We will see if they send the music and sign the Release. I am also looking forward to introducing you to a band called "Finding Butterflies". I know you are going to enjoy it. So stay tuned and until last time from deep under the sedate suburb of Youngstown we like to call Boardman; Peace and Love to you and yours.