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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Sep 22, 2018

When you click play, the first thing you will hear is "Peace This Thing Together" by Jupiter in Velvet. Want more JIV? Go here.

Next up, Lilly Martin with "Life in the City". Here is more about Lilly. Then you are hearing Dave Schulz doing "Everything". More about Dave Schulz here.

Then two tracks from Timmy Milner. "Shadow of Your Wing" and "Glass of Your Eye". More about Timmy Milner here.

Strangely Alright has the next track, "Shake It". Here is more about Strangely Alright.

Last track today was by Ronald Humphrey called "Crushed". Here is more about Ronald.

That is this week's Show. Please consider helping me produce and distribute this Show. I NEVER Charge an Artist for playing their music. And you can be an anonymous donor or become a sponsor and we can work out some way of promoting your business or brand.

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