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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Sep 29, 2018

Why the flooded edition? Well, a few of the tracks reference water and rain for one thing. Although the first track by Black Train 27 actually is about how sometimes sin looks shiny, but in the end it is only black; other tracks do actually relate to water and flooding. First Track is called "Sin and Chrome".

The next track does relate to water. Well, weapons that are deployed in water. It is called "Torpedo" and it is by an Artist who goes by the name of Samm Hart.

Although this next track has nothing to do with water, I still like it and the Artist; Lilly Martin. The Track is called "One Good Turn". In a way, you could say that surviving a flood means taking one good turn away from the problem.

Next up, The Ohio Weather Band doing a track called "Dirty Water" That is what you end up with after it floods for those of you who have been fortunate enough to never had to deal with one.

The next track is called "Stand With Me in the Rain" done by a band called Copper Box.

After that we are listening to Matt Harlen doing a song called "Over The Bridge". See how there is a water-flood-weather related theme going here?

Then next track is called "Fits and Starts" and is done by an Artist who goes by the name of Alesano. I suppose if I think hard enough to come up with some way to relate this to being flooded out; but why bother? If you like this Song though, you can check out the Video here.

Under the closing announcements, I played a track called "A Dance in the Rain". It is done by a fellow who goes by the name Delozier.

It is our hope here that those who have suffered in the flooding and hurricane in the Atlantic recently will find Grace and Mercy to help in their time of need.

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