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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Oct 7, 2018

I took a little different direction this week and found some live recordings of bands just cutting loose in a jam session. As much as I like to find emerging artists and showcase their work, I also want anyone who listens to hear things that they may not be able to find on their own without considerable effort.

So going forward, you can anticipate hearing some live jams that you may not ever have the chance to find on your own. And I hope you enjoy them as much as I enjoy finding them for you.

This week, we have the Jimmie Hudson Band doing an old Allman Brothers Track called "Whipping Post". Although they cut the recording off before the great big vocal finish of the song, I still like the Track. And the Song. Cause sometimes, I feel like I have been tied to a Whppin Post too...

The next Track is by Jesse Kalhoun. It is called "The Maze". Find out more about Jesse here.

The next track is by a band who call themselves; Cargo and the Heavy Lifters. What a cool name for a band. Well, I think so anyway. The Track is a Medley of an old Jimmi Hendrix Track called "Stone Free".

Next Track up is by Jason Damico. The Track is "My Baby is Crying" I think a perfect example of modern blues. And I sincerely love the Blues. Seems Jason has been around a while writing and playing music. Apparently, he is also an Actor. But, who isn't these days?

I wrapped the Show this week with Dead Pedals. The Track is from 2016 and is called "All Over You". I think this group has a unique sound and some serious musical sensibility. Check out more about them here.

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