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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Apr 22, 2018

[audio src=""][/audio] I was really pleased with this Episode. Why you may ask? I reworked the Intro and Outro some and was able to start the long laborious process of finding my "Radio Voice". Please give it a listen when you can and let me know what you think. Of course, this is not about me. It is about the Recording Artists who are creating the wonderful tracks that you will hear on this week's episode. And every week's Episode. If you need to download the file, go to my Soundcloud Account and that way you can listen anytime you want. So let's look at some information about the Artists who are on this week's Episode. 2829ca05e93b4146839b0ba6cf577033 "Speaker First" hails from Indonesia. Who says that Rock and Roll is not Universal? These guys laid down a track that just starts kickin a$$ from the first beat. The name of the song is "Break my Soul" and is the first track on this episode. Here is a little more about finding them on the Interwebs:

After that we heard from Muzak from Switzerland with "Made It" from their latest release entitled "I". When you want to hear more from Muzak, visit these places:

Next we got into some wonderful guitar from a fellow named Victor Samalot called "Esperanza" He is based in Cleveland Ohio and has a unique and genuine sound that I really enjoy. That may be due to the fact that I spent a few years in Miami Beach listening to and enjoying Latin Jazz. 26866978_219639315261792_5689021793751269376_n Find more of Victor's Music in these fine places:

Right after that it is my extreme pleasure to introduce you to Leah Capelle who totally rocked the show with "Who I Am". If you have not heard her before, I am sure you will find many ways to love her by visiting these places:

Did you know that St Jude Research Hospital NEVER charges for services. By supporting their mission, you save the lives of children who need you. Go here and support them. Then one of my new friends and collaborators, Malcom Lane gave us a track called "Isobel" I gathered from listening to this song, that he really likes her. What do you think? Also, find more about Malcom Lane here. Right after that we heard from Mike Andersen featuring one of my favorite vocalists, Joss Stone. They did a track called "This Time". mike-andersen-this-timeFind more of Mike Andersen's Music and follow him in these places:


We wrapped the show with a song by Sarantos, One of his better songs in my opinion called, "Do You Think You Can Last?" From my listening to it, I gathered that it takes time and persistence to start any new journey. Once you start, you cannot stop no matter what. So keep going. A Special thanks to who provided some of the music for this show and to all the Recording Artists who are contributing to this effort. Also to Western Reserve Digital Radio for Airing this who every Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday Evenings at 7PM Eastern Time. As always, if you know of any Recording Artists you want to hear more from, let me know. If you have ideas about improving this effort, please let me know. Thanks.