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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Nov 17, 2018

I went looking for some locals to the Mahoning Valley in NE Ohio this week. And I found some rockers. And some great blues artists too. Come on along with us on this musical journey through some of the best of the Mahoning Valley in NE Ohio and the Shenango Valley in Western Pennsylvania.

Kicking off this Show is Sterotype I doing a Track called "Gotta Get Back". Head on over to their facebook page and show them some love.

Next up Coleville doing a Track called, "Symbols in the Sand". Get some more of Coleville here.

Next up we got sleepin dogz with a Track called, "Red House" Want some more of sleepin dogz? Head on over here.

Rich Harper is doing the next Track called "Onward (Imagine That)". Get you some more of Rich Harper here.

Max Schang a veteran guitarist is doing the next Track called, "Back up Again". Get some more of Max here.

Anthony Albanese doing "Circus Inside" is up next. Get some more of Anthony right here.

Wrapping up this week's Show is Heith Gruner doing "Soldier's Coming Home". Want more of Heith's music? Here ya go.

Come by my facebook page and comment or suggest an Artist. And don't forget to like my page.

Then tune in Sunday Night at 7Pm for new Shows on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting.