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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Oct 21, 2018


Does the Good Underground Radio Show growl? I have played a track called "Howlin" in a previous show. But fact is, GUR is an Acronym for GOOD Underground Radio. It can also be considered a Sound Effect.

But enough 'splainin, let's get to some jamming. This is a Triple Shot of a Band I fell in love with over on They are called Groovement. And this is the kind of Track that I love. Well produced, well written and groovy...

While you are listening to Groovement, click here and find some more of their work. Don't worry, the link opens to a new window so the jams will be completely uninterrupted.

Then the jams continue with Good Paper of Reverend Jim Mortimer. Yes, that is the name of the Group. I am, thinking that the Reverend Jim Mortimer is fronting this band. I am thinking that this Track "Tino" has something to do with someone that he met somewhere in the underbelly of the music industry or otherwise. But it is a rocker. If you want more of the Reverend, click here.

Last but not least, The High Council is ripping it up with a Track called, "Gravitate". Check out their website, where you will find out how people of all nations, creeds, and tongues can come together under the power of music and love.

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And Thanks for listening. :)