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Good Underground Radio Show

Good Underground Radio Show

Dec 2, 2018

There really is not a lot of Holiday Music here. And there is not some long Sermon about the meaning of the Season. Just good music and my opinion to wrap up the Show this week.

So click to listen or download it for later and discover some music you may have never heard before. But I certainly hope you will enjoy. And click through to find more information about these hard working and creative people. And don't worry, the music will keep playing while you are exploring more information about these Artists.

Kicking off the Show this week: A Band who calls themselves, Some Velvet Morning doing their Track called, "Losing My Mind". I am loving this Track as it is simply jamming. What do you think? Find more of Some Velvet Morning here.

Next up, Phantom Phunk doing a Track called, "Something Certain People Say". Want more of the Phunk? Get on over here and show them some love.

Written Years has the next Track in the lineup: "I Would Miss My Home if I Knew Where it Was". A long title, yes; but also a strong sentiment. I think during the Holidays we all want to be home. Find Written Years home on the Internet here.

Then the Blind Spots played "Abida's Role". This band does some seriously etheral music and is very pleasant and interesting. Please go check them out here.

Then a Track that I relate to quite well. "Always Waiting" by the Cannibal Kids. Although, I have never personally engaged in cannibalism, I am not going to try to play it off like I am above it. I hope I never do have to engage in such a culinary adventure; but who knows what is to come. Anyway, check out more of the Cannibal Kids here. And don't worry; they cannot eat you over the Internet.

Then a Track I played before on a previous Show. "Gimp" by BB Blackdog. Just a nice jam that I sincerely enjoy. Check out more of BB Blackdog here.

Then onto my opinion about the winter Holiday Season. Did you ever notice that nearly every major Religion has a Holiday during the Winter?

Although I am not certain that there is any real significance in this, I am guessing that it may simply be due to the fact that Winter is a great time to get together with people and enjoy their company in our homes. I also believe it is because all of us are loved. And capable of loving each other. So Love one another this Season and always.

The Track playing under my oped read in piece is by Darryl Jackson. And he is a very skilled Artist and Performer. Check out Darryl here and go show him some love too. And have a good week.